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Thank you for being part of CANADA FIRST ACADEMY. We have received your registration form, to complete registration please complete payment below.

CFA prefers to receive payment by pre-authorized debit (PAD), please complete the PAD Agreement. Should you not be able to support the academy with pre-authorized debits (PAD) we will ask you to complete the set-up for recurrent monthly Paypal/credit card payments below. Our annual membership fee of $3933 + HST is payed in monthly instalments of 328 + HST. Your subscription lasts from when you sign up until the end of the next October. The membership automatically renews at the end of the current season for another year unless it has been cancelled before September 30. 




Pre-Authorized DEBIT (PAD) PLAN AgreeMENT

I/we authorize CFA and the financial institution designated (or any other financial institution I/We may authorize at any time) to begin deductions as per my/our instructions for monthly regular recurring payments and/or one-time payments from time to time, for payment of all charges arising. CFA will obtain my/our authorization for any other one-time or sporadic debits.


This authority is to remain in effect until CFA has received written notification from me/us of its change or termination. This notification must be received at least ten (10) business days before the next debit is scheduled at the address provided below. I/We may obtain a sample cancellation form, or more information on my/our right to cancel a PAD Agreement at my/our financial institution or by visiting

I/we have certain recourse rights if any debit does not comply with this agreement. For example, I/we have the right to receive reimbursement for any PAD that is not authorized or is not consistent with this PAD Agreement. To obtain a form for a Reimbursement Claim, or for more information on my/our recourse rights, I/we may contact my/our financial institution or visit


Regular monthly payments for the full amount of services delivered will be debited to my/our specified account on the _specify below_ day of each month until the end of the CFA season October this current year. Default is the first of the month, alternatively 15th of the month.

Alternatively Recurring monthly Payment set up in Paypal

Please do not sign up for both PAD and PayPal (We prefer PAD if possible)

Please select the monthly membership fee for the first family member registration.
For each additional family player registration select the sibling membership fee with a 20% discount if you have already a child subscribed to the CFA Team Program (click on the CFA Team Program Registration option then the sibling option will show). Discount will be applied to the program with the lower fee.

Enter name of registered player. The monthly membership fee will be automatically collected until the end of the current season. (NOV to OCT of the following year)




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